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One of the most problematic developing countries in Europe regarding integrated waste management. It has advanced its approach to the legal framework and national strategies in this sector, but is still at its beginnings regarding the implementation of the waste hierarchy.

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The collection and centralized management of urban waste is not at an advanced stage and it is coupled with infrastructure problems and a lack of financial and technical capacities. As many under developed countries faces the lack of modern sanitary urban waste treatment systems.

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A fast-growing economy, yet considered under developed country, who has problems and lack of technical capacities to manage sustainably huge amount of municipal solid waste. Even though the country has invested in in landfill sites, but the problem continues to remain unsolved.

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Life Before waste management

Animation describing poor quality of life to citizens and threat to planet earth before integrated waste management.

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Life After Waste Management

Animation describing high quality of life for citizens and protection to planet earth after integrated waste management.

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