Advantages of WTE plants

The main advantages of adopting such technologies for the reuse of waste and the production of energy from urban waste are the reduction of the amount of waste and environmental pollution and the production of a significant amount of renewable energy.

Landfilling and incineration without energy benefit, under EU strategies, are two forms of waste treatment that are being minimized and EU member states have strong conditions and they are facing sanctions if they do not go towards the zero-landfill strategy.

Modern waste-to-energy plants are safe, and through advanced technology they achieve to comply with the rigorous emissions standards set by the EU for gas emissions. For the EU's Circulation Economy, profit from any source is essential. Energy production from waste that does not undergo re-use or recycling is an integral part of the circulating economy.

Gas Purification and Filtration System

One of the most important elements of waste to energy generation plants is the gas purification and filtration system, which enables:

  • Capture and dust treatment
  • Capture of Heavy Metals
  • Elimination of acid-containing components
  • Capturing NOx
  • Elimination of Sulphur
  • Destruction of organic pollutants as dioxins