Who we are

In a world with an increasing population and consumption, there is a persistent need to use our resources in the best way possible, by guaranteeing high-quality recovering and using residual waste for effective and cleaning energy production, to assure the path towards circulate economy.  

Integrated Energy BV – IEBV is a company established under the laws of The Kingdom of the Netherlands. IEBV carries a successful experience, when it comes to waste management specialization in general and energy production in particular.

After a long list of successfully completed projects across Europe, IEBV has taken the initiative to expand its activity all around the world.  We started our company after thinking and deliberating in distance, how we could help to enhance the quality of life of people living in emerging countries. We decided to implement our experience and technical know-how in planning, engineering and construction as the supplier of modular waste-to-energy power plants with an assignment to bring the best circular economy solutions.

Our years of experience in waste management sector makes us the ideal partner for waste solution projects. When it comes to WTE plants we are absolute experts. Our leading discipline is the design, planning and construction of waste-to-energy plants.