The company, with its projects in several countries throws daily steps towards a cleaner and safer environment for the health of people, the most efficient way of producing electricity from waste processing. Our projects in two continents Europe and Africa are being realized in compliance with all international standards, environmental norms, EU directives and the legal framework of the countries where they operate for environmental protection and inorganic waste management. The best support for our commitment is the application of the highest standards and the most outstanding team of international experienced consultants and managerial technical staff, regarding the construction of waste processing plants.

Our company is committed on seeking the right ways to reduce the impact on the environment, not only during the realization of this work but also during its operation. We intend to consider as our priority the external, economic, environmental, and social factors in our field of activity.

Our projects and engagements are focused on a well-organized, health, safety and environment orientation, considering the best European experiences, which we will apply through our international team of experts.

Our Vision

Integrated Energy BV, with its vision on waste management, aims not only to transform the way the waste is managed today, but its goals are to  fundamentally and willingly  recover local quality of life.

Our business model is based on the general contracting industry of waste Management. Based on the decision of the company it will interact with European and non-European countries. Our purpose arises out of a great need in emerging countries for gaining experience and moving forward in waste management and waste plant construction from internationally-recognized European companies.

Our Core Values

The core values ​​for Integrated Energy BV are transparency, integrity, impartiality and respect for people. Business principles, code of ethics and behavior helps everyone in our company to act in the same line with these values ​​and in compliance with the respective legal framework in the countries where we operate. At Integrated Energy BV employees, consultants, contractors and subcontractors operating in our works need to understand and continually have the same approach with our business principles. It is important for us that suppliers and third parties directly or indirectly involved in our projects apply the same principles as us.