What we do

We offer our expertise and knowledge in the area of integrated waste management, activity that manages waste from its inception to its final disposal, including as well, the regulation and monitoring of the entire waste management process.

The operations of our company aim to guarantee optimal solutions for the integrated waste management based on highest standards applied and European directives.

We have given a lot of thought to how to increase the value of life in emerging countries in a workable manner. Important organization and resources for developing countries are doing their best, but that is not enough. Individuals and private companies have to get involved. That is why we would really like to help the people newly industrialized country to achieve more social equality and a sustainable quality of life especially in waste management solutions.

We follow a technology that would alleviate the risk causes of waste, create jobs and help people to achieve a noteworthy improvement in the quality of their lives.

Waste, in all of its forms, if it is municipal, commercial or industrial, is causing chaos in the developing world. Emerging countries do not have the proper know-how to deal and collect their waste, not to mention landfilling it in a sustainable manner or sanitary landfills. This is something we want to, and can change.