Albania is reported to be one of the most problematic developing countries in Europe regarding integrated waste management. The Republic of Albania has advanced its approach to the legal framework and national strategies in this sector, in accordance with EU directives, but is still at its beginnings regarding the implementation of the waste hierarchy and the implementation required in accordance to the approved strategies.

Integrated Energy B.V. has been operating in Albania since 2017 for the construction, operation and management of the Waste Processing Plant for Tirana Region.

According to statistics about 1/3 of the Albanian population lives in Tirana, capital of Albania. Tirana is considered the largest city in the country.

The project is foreseen to be completed on a 6-year timeline 2018-2023, near the former Sharra Landfill, Tirana. The project is being considered as a unique work of its kind. The project for the construction of this facility is complex. Modern technology is being applied, based on the EU standards and directives for their construction and operation. In this project, 8 lots will be built. This project will be involving foreign management teams, consultants and experts, and a large number of local subcontractors, who meet the required standards, will be engaged in construction and finalization of the project

Integrated Energy B.V. SPV Ltd is responsible for building "TIRANA WASTE TREATMENT ZONE – T.W.T.Z." as well as to operate and manage this giant project in 30 years under a concession contract with the Albanian government starting in 2018.

Our project in Tirana, Albania operates under the Build-Operate-Transfer model as a public-private partnership

Project Components:

Sharra's existing landfill - Capsulation, total rehabilitation with its conversion into green area and construction of biogas plant

  • Wastes to Energy (WTE) - Construction and operation
  • Plant for the treatment of contaminated waters
  • Landfill for inert waste
  • Landfill of solid urban waste
  • recycling and stabilization plant
  • Landfill for ashes and industrial wastes
  • Landfill for inert waste

This project will provide the following advantages, mainly for the local community of Sharra and Kombinat area and in general for all the citizens of Tirana:

  • From an environmental perspective, the reduction of CO2 emissions will be seen as a contribution to climate protection.
  • From an economic perspective, by creating new jobs opportunities and production of energy.
  • From the health perspective, reducing risks and potential environmental impacts to citizens.