The collection and centralized management of urban waste in Ghana is not at an advanced stage and it is coupled with infrastructure problems and a lack of financial and technical capacities. Ghana as many under developed countries in world faces the lack of modern sanitary urban waste treatment systems which has become a serious problem and a threat to the environment and human health. As far as production of Urban Waste in Ghana is concerned, due to a number of various economic and social factors, the generation of solid urban waste per capita has undergone major changes in recent years.

IEBV is aiming to operate and invest its capacities and high expertise with projects of waste management and waste to energy in Republic of Ghana. The projects proposed by IEBV will be located in in two Municipalities; Tema and Kumasi, Republic of Ghana, based on the operating form "BOT" (Built, Operate, and Transfer). Through these projects it is expected to fulfil the short- and long-term objectives of integrated waste management on a local level, consequently improving the emergent environmental and health issues for a sustainable future of the communities

The installations foreseen for these projects for both areas are:

  • Encapsulation and rehabilitation of the existing landfills.
  • Municipal Solid Waste sanitary landfills (cell for municipal waste, cell for ashes, cell for special waste “medical, hazardous, etc.”).
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Sorting and Recycling Plants.
  • Municipal Waste Processing Plants (MWPP) with energy recovery – WTE Plants.

These projects will provide the following advantages, mainly for the local community and citizens:

  • From an environmental point of view, the for reduction of CO2 emissions as a contribution to climate protection.
  • From an economic point of view, by creating new opportunities and jobs and production of energy.
  • From a health perspective, reducing risks and potential environmental impacts to citizens.

The partnership between the Government of Ghana and our company will to make possible the improvement of the waste management in existing disposal sites; aiming to deliver direct impact on improving the quality of life for the citizens.