The waste management is one of the most problematic issues for the under developing and developing countries all over the world. Zimbabwe is a fast-growing economy, yet considered under developed country, who has problems and lack of technical capacities to manage sustainably huge amount of municipal solid waste (MSW).

Furthermore, with the population growth and the increasing GDP, is increasing uniformly. Even though the country has invested in in landfill sites, but the problem continues to remain unsolved. Main obstacles faced on integrated waste management are the lack of awareness to the citizens nd poor institutional initiatives through all the country, in general.

IEBV is aiming to operate and invest and offer its capacities and expertise of management with a project of waste management and waste to energy in Republic of Zimbabwe.  The proposed project of IEBV explores the present situation of the management of MSW and aims to elaborate the sustainability of the initiatives to protect the environment and resource utilization leading to the least amount of landfill in Zimbabwe.

The project will be located in Harare City, Republic of Zimbabwe, based on the operating form "BOT" (Built, Operate, and Transfer). Through this project it is expected to fulfil the short- and long-term objectives of waste management on a local level, consequently improving the emergent environmental and health issues in the Harare area.

The proposed project for Pomona Landfill foresees the construction of various main facilities. The different technologies and installations foreseen will be dimensioned to address the management and treatment of municipal solid waste management of Harare City to receive and treat or deposit the waste.

The installations foreseen are:

  • Final closure of the existing Pomona Landfill & construction of recreational area
  • The construction of the municipal waste processing plant (MWPP) with energy recovery (Waste to Energy plant - WTE) by producing electricity.
  • The construction of a landfill divided in cells for urban waste, for waste after the incineration process and one for special waste “medical, hazardous, etc.”
  • The construction of municipal waste sorting and recycling plant.
  • The construction of the wastewater processing plant.

This project will provide the following advantages, mainly for the local community and citizens of Harare:

  • From an environmental point of view, the for reduction of CO2 emissions as a contribution to climate protection.
  • From an economic point of view, by creating new opportunities and jobs and production of energy.
  • From a health perspective, reducing risks and potential environmental impacts to citizens.

The partnership between the Government of Zimbabwe and our company will make possible the improvement of the waste management in Pomona landfill and will directly impact on the improvement of Harari citizens life quality.