Our partners

Our key collaborating partners are leaders on the sector for the solutions and technology applied for processing and handling waste. They do guarantee the ultimate realization of major projects in the states where we operate, to ensure waste management by EU standards, thanks to the superior technology and finalization of unique engineering works in respective states.



Paul Wurth is a global leader in the design and supply of complete plants, systems and process for the primary stage of integrated steelmaking. Its portfolio includes complete blast furnaces, cokemaking, agglomeration and direct reduction plants, waste treatment as well as recycling facilities. Paul Wurth also offers through Paul Wurth Geprolux services for town planning, civil construction and infrastructure projects. The Group operates entities across the steel producing regions of the world.



De Mare S. r.l is a leading company in the landfill sector. The company is specialized in the design, construction of landfills and environmental remediation, in particular in the execution, testing and certification of interventions. With highly qualified technical staff  DeMare  performs design, site technical management and works for the construction of landfills and land reclamation according to EU Waste Directives and legal waste framework in the country the company operates



Icaria s.r.l. is an engineering, architecture and technical-economic consulting company.  The company with multidisciplinary skills provides services and consultancy in the civil and industrial field in the planning, planning, design, implementation and management of interventions in the area. A company with significant experience in the execution of technical services concerning in particular in the civil field the construction of building constructions, road and hydraulic infrastructures, environmental engineering interventions, interventions for soil protection and slope stabilization and in the field industrial construction of electricity production plants powered by renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind, biomass, hydroelectric) and waste to-energy plants with energy recovery.

Partnering locally

IEBV engages a number of local companies to support the development and construction of its projects.  Through international expertise, combining with the local expertise Integrated Energy BV is dedicated to provide in the countries where it operates, international standards and best European practices in the waste management waste-to-energy manufacturing industry (Waste to Energy WTE), in the waste management sector.

IEBV is committed to facilitating employment and business opportunities in the areas where the company operates.  We aim facilitate collaboration between IEBV contractors and potential sub-contractors which are able to offer high expertise in services to contributing in our operations

We are committed to achieve, through the most advanced contemporary expert team and technology team in line with EU standards, balance and the right progress to increase efficiency in waste treatment, bringing great economic, environmental and social benefits for a sustainable environmental development and to the future of the communities.